Craving Again....  

Here we go again, Im craving for a food that my mama make it so sarap as in lami. When I was there, my mama always makes my food, feeling senorita me in the house.eheheh. So I tried to make my own here as I really wanted to eat something like that. Guess what I mean is, just simply fish tinola.

When me and hubby in tesco, I ask him to buy a fresh fish as in fresh from the sea. He's felt shock as in amazed but Im just kidding aside. So we go to fish section, and I saw this whole sea bream fish alone. And so I said, I like that, so he buy it. Its quite big though, so I cut it into twice and then I make my first ever fish tinola here. At last, I can eat the food that I used to eat there. hmmm..yum yum...Photobucket

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