Im craving...  

I miss eating filipino foods especially the bam-e or a pancit. Actually, I still eat filipino foods in daily basis but sometimes my hubby dont like it so I need to prepare specifically what he likes. Of course, english food not filipino food,,lol.

Anyway, I told my hubby to go to filipino market, glad there's a filipino market here. So I give him a list of what ingredients needed for a bam-e. Unfortunately, there out of stock of a behon so hubby came back with none of those I want. So I just hold on my cravingness of my favorite food.

The next day, he go back to the filipino market and glad he got what all the ingredients I need. Wheeew,,,at last I can cook now my favorite bam-e as in behon, sotanghon or whatever it is but I just called it behon with some spices like shrimps, chicken,carrots and of course white cabbage. Hmmm,,,at last I can eat now my wanted food ever. Indulge....Photobucket

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