Been in the mall and just do nothing as in when though shopping? eheheh. Nice, to chill out and relax at mall, actually not my best tambayan, but I used to drop by the mall when I get bored in the house. Lately, I used to go out with friends going to the mall and guess we do nothing, what a waste of time isn't it? I mean we dont buy or either we choose things but we never buy. We just look at the things we like and then leave it unless take it if desperate, be sure when desperate must have money. wheheh.

I bet you've already heard the word "window shopping", a term used for just hanging around and roaming inside the mall. Looking looking, picking picking, chossing chossing, and then endoing as in ending for leaving. Window shopping not mean shopping for window just shopping by window2x. Hhaha. As in stop here, go there, pick there, drop here, then go..vavoos. eclavos. toink....

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