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Few weeks ago, my husband receive an anonymous call from Universal Studio telling that he won a free holiday trip to America. So he felt excited and keep on having a conversation with the anonymous caller. While the conversation goes through the main point, he started to feel its kinda fraud. As the caller telling him that he has his card details and just need the confirmation of
the expiry date.

After half an hour talking on the phone for an anonymous person, he put the phone down as he feel its a scam. Afterwards, the same person call again asking and telling the same thing, so he decided to report it to the police just for the security of my hubby's card account. The police takes action then and told him to call the Fraud Department Security to check and have an eye onto his account.

On the next day, the caller still phoning my husband. So he just follow the advice from the police on stop talking to the fraud caller. Later then, the Southport Visiter find out that my husband story is quite interesting. They put then on the newspaper with my husband photo taken, and warn other people of holiday phone scam.

Gladly, my hubby's account is nothing credited on it.

So be aware guys, lots of scammers around the world.

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