Homemade Choco balls  

I felt bored today so I make this choco balls or munchkins, I taught to make this when I was in school. Way back in high school days, we have a cooking time for Home and Economics. So until now, I never forget to make this desert thing which is quite easy to do.

I usually make this choco balls when I was in Pinas. Actually, I didnt take pictures for my step by step procedures. I took the finish product only. Anyway, I will just share how I made this as easy as ease.

Here are the Ingredients and Procedures:

dessicated coconut
plain brown biscuits
condensed milk

1. Crash the biscuits into fine granules.
2.Add the condensed milk in a bowl with crash biscuits.
3. Mix well.
4. Then sprinkles the dessicated coconut.

Well done. It's Simples isnt it.

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