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Its been a long time, as you've noticed...Anyways I still open this blog of mine every now and then and visit my co blogger. Somehow, got a lot of topics to post but quite too long to post it all so let me make it short.

So far, Ive reached the half way life here in England. Its about 6 months that I'm here and life still the same. Keep chatting everyday with my mamsy and family and I call them If I wasn't be able to chat.

Got a part time job that makes me a little bit happier. Its only 2 hrs a day and day off every Sat and Sun. Very easy job, and I'm having fun doing it.

Me and my hubby stroll around the beach when we got time. Lately, we go their every eve, we watch the sun set. Its beautiful out their and sometimes we bring someting to eat while watching the sun and the wide open beach.

Its spring time here and the flowers are blooming everyday. We been to many beautiful botanic gardens near in my place and we saw different kinds of lovely flowers.

We been to many parks round here and I guess I already visit all the local places here. So at the moment, we have a break for going out as I have enough on seeing same places everytime we go out.

I spend my day listening music, watching films, chatting to my family, cooking my food, washing my clothes, cleaning the house, make myself st***d...lol

I feel more relaxed each day in my life here, so quite and peaceful. I have more time on relaxing than being pressure. I feel useless though..ehehhe, but I make myself useful. I do somethin' to complete my day, reading books. I'm exploring my mind through reading and after that it makes me go to sleep. End of story...

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