Nip Out....  

We been out again today to have some refreshments. This time my hubby take me to the park near in the town. At first we stroll around Victoria Park near Morrissons and splash world. Its a bit sunny day but still cold. Hayz, the weather here is really unpredictable, Id love to see the sunshine here.

While we're at the park there's a little puppy which is running behind me. Im a bit scared as it might bite me, so ,what I did is try to to touch and play with the cuttie puppy. The doggie is a bit friendly and I feel that he likes to have a cuddle with..eheheh. Later on, the owner of the doggie calls him and he runs after it. I notice that doggie make a mess on my pants.OMG!!! Well, its alright it will obviously get dirty as its white pants.

Then we just carry on, taking pictures here and there. After done taking picture, my hubby decided to go to another park which is the Hesketh Park. Hmmm. Actually, I been there already but Id like to come back again. In there we've meet an aquaintance and so we decided to ask her to take us picture both. So nice of her, she do it right away, then after I ask to have picture with me.ehehhe. Im not shy noh!!Yeh, so here our picture...Enjoy viewing....

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2 comments: to “ Nip Out....

  • stan
    March 20, 2009 at 7:37 PM  

    I understand your apprehension with dogs bcoz I come across strangers make a beeline when I meet them w my little Jack Russell on her walks. :) HOpe U get to love a dog in time to come. Eh, sry to hear abt the little accident with that puppy!

  • emzpie
    March 21, 2009 at 12:55 PM  

    I really love pet stan esp.puppy but Im a bit afraid of taking care of them as it may bite me. ehehhe.neway tanx for the compliment stan..