CMI always celebrates sportsfest every year though I'm not part of the said event but I still joined thier summerfest. I really had fun as I witness again there very beautiful and full of enjoyment fests. Still a lot of games like board walking, drinking beer, cheering competition and most especially the search for Ms. Sportsfest of the year. Right after the games, there is a concert too, the "stage crew"band.Last year, Ive been part of this summerfest I'm one of the muses in our division and some of my friends too. Actually, I just go there as my friends invite to come so that we will see each other there, so I come then together with my sisters who works there. I thought they would not let me in as I am an outsider, but thanks God they allow outsiders. So, I started to look around and trying to find my circle of friends, but sad to say I couldn't find them due to huge of people. I just saw some of my friends and my closest friend before and also my workmate and many others. Even its super hot there but they never mind the excruciating heat of the sun so I did see thats a really enjoyable summer ever.

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