My homemade "choco balls"  

Today I'm very busy making my homemade choco balls. Since its summer and I have nothing to do, so I spend my time in making my specialty and my favorite choco balls. I learned to make this when I was in high school. I make choco balls when their is an occasion, this can be either a dessert or a snack or something to eat. Actually, this is usually known in party, like birthday parties and also choco balls have a similar of munchkin in dunkin donut, it looks like but it taste different. This is very easy to make and affordable too.
Well, if you want to know how to make this here is my step and procedure.
The ingredients:
Ace biscuits
dessicated coconut
condensed milk
See, only 3 ingredients needed. Hence, the biscuits is not yet crushed so crushed it all then put in a mixing bowl and pour the condensed milk and mix it. After mixing form a ball into your palm then put into the dessicated coconut then it's done. So easy to make and I made more than 100 pcs. in 1pack biscuits and small can of condensed milk. Right after then I let my younger brother to sell it, lol..Anyway guys, I'm just making myself busy as I have nothing to do, instead of sleeping all day or just sitting pretty. It really feels bored staying all day at home, actually my hubby suggest me to go out but I decline as its very hot to go out this summertime. Much better if his here with me, so that we will go out together. I love to go out but I dont have an accompany, so I still feel bored with it, going out alone.omg!.how lonely. Anyway, if u want to ask some clarifications about my homemade choco balls, just feel free to leave a comment here..

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