Not much...  

I have not much to say today....

Just been chatting to my family for about 6 hours, then I went out with my husband to botanic gardens. Have a little walk and nip out to peacocks shopping mall.
Buy some stuff that I fancied.
Actually I planned to buy another coat, as you know is getting colder again. But I never find a nice coat there so Ive just bought another thing. I like it though...


Daylight Saving  

As you know british summer time ends, last night the clock goes backward. And apart from that I again figure out the time difference in my country. So I let them know its not 7 hours anymore its back to 8 hours difference.

British Summer time or Greenwich Daylight Saving time is the civiltime during the summer months in the United Kingdom during the clocks are advanced from GMT by one hour.

As Ive noticed earlier the sunsets late at night about 8pm and it rise late as well. While now the sun sets early and its quite dim at 4 oclock in the afternoon and the sun rise early as well.

Clock goes forward again on March and goes backward October 25.
The period beginning at one o'clock, Greenwich mean time, in the morning of the last Sunday in March and ending at one o'clock, Greenwich mean time, in the morning of the last Sunday in October.
Just an info guys...

Sunday Drive Out  

I fancy to have a nip out in the house to give me a little bit of fresh air. So hubby take me to the park and have a lil' walk to exercise my feet. Later then, I feel cold so we go back to the car and drive out to the town. We nip in pizza hut and have something to eat. I have a chicken Caesar salad and Hawaiian pizza with squash orange, same with my hubby.

So that's all my Sundays...Wat's Ur's???

My bro-n-law in Philippines  

Finally, my brother arrived in Philippines last Tuesday. How I wished that I can come with him unfortunately, I am not allowed to travel now due to my pregnancy. There are some rules and regulations of travelling while pregnant.

Anyways, I've just send my love and regards to my family and with some pasalubong from me and some early Christmas gifts. My brother in aw is going to visit my sister for the second time around to bring his very important gift to my sister.

Its the ring...

I'm happy for both of them.
I hope my brother is having fun there in Philippines with my family.

Enjoy your vacation bro.